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This overview book that concludes our research for is more than a collection of rankings and industry outlooks. It is in a sense a White Paper of the Romanian economy that can assist top executives in planning their strategy for Emerging countries, such as Romania, are not only economically significant at the moment, but will be the growth engine for the global economy going forward.

Business leaders across Central and Eastern Europe are still cautious about their investments in the region, but many see reasonable business potential in Romania, expecting it to act as a regional power-house. Romania has a long way to go in building a strong competitive market. The foundation is however here, boasting promising perspectives for the post-recession years.

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It is clear that nobody will step up and put the pieces together if the business community doesnt take the lead. We need to drive the Romanian market into the regional and global competition, if we want to turn its promising opportunities into reality.

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The ranking methodology includes a scoring system by which each company is assessed, based on turnover, financial and non-financial aspects, all considered by separate weights which reflect our insights regarding the specifics of doing business in the local market. The most important criteria taken into consideration by our methodology was the turnover reported by the companies in This was further weighted alongside other financial and non-financial performance aspects.

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The indicators included in this methodology are computed based on public information disclosed either by authorized bodies and institutions or by the companies themselves. The analysis of non-financial indicators was applied to aspects such as average number of employees, type of company listed, unlistedcorporate social responsibility and environmental initiatives developed intek evolution fat burner recenzii Romania as well as the contribution to developing a local brand.

The financial indicators were computed based on information extracted from annual financial statements as at 31 December Each indicator has been assessed based on a scoring grid from 1 to 5 allotted for specific value intervals, 1 being the value assigned for the lowest performance and 5 being assigned for the highest performance.

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This year, we have also developed a separate methodology for the banking sector. With this revised approach, Major Companies in Romania looks at the performance of companies registered in Romania that have filed the financial statements for the year ended 31 December with the Trade Register.

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Companies that have not submitted their financial statements for were not included in this analysis. Our 20 years of experience on the local market allowed us to thoroughly customize the research algorithm in order to reflect the particular aspects of doing business in Romania.